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A wiki where you can see your code run

This wiki has pages of programming tutorials. The tutorials contain embedded code each with a "Run"' button, like this...

Clicking the "Run" button will open up a view showing the running program. Whenever you see an example like this you can change the program simply by typing in your changes. Every runnable code block can be modified. You are encouraged to always try changing things to see what will happen. That's the best way to learn. If you make a mistake and the program won't run, just reload the page and it will restore to its original form.

What do I do if it doesn't work?[edit]

To run the programs inside your web browser, you will need a Web Browser that supports the recent HTML5 standards. Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari should all work. Internet Explorer may work if you have a version of 9 or higher.

What can I do with it?[edit]

Use the API page to see what functions are available to use.

Another example showing some more things that you can do is below. It draws a few things including a small loop that runs fifty times drawing two circles each time in order to construct a heart. Once you learn the basics you can do animation with Move Draw Loop.

To see a simple drawing program in a few lines of code, take a look at TinyDraw. You can make games, or write programs that can do things beyond what you could imagine is possible. This is a mind boggling example what you can do with surprisingly little

The site is a work in progress. I have been creating examples to explain concepts and how to do things. The language is probably still too technical for a novice audience, I will try to adjust this as I see which parts are comprehensible to others. There are still areas than need filling in. I try and add a little bit each day, so hopefully it will build up nicely soon.

tutorial pages[edit]

These are roughly in an order of progression. There are quite a few pages I intend to write to fit in between these pages to smooth out the progression.

The full list of Tutorials can be found at Tutorials

The list of available function can be seen at the API page. You may find Keycodes useful too.