Click on the button to put stuff in your browser local store.
This gives you 4 'apps', 1 handler ( which handles type 'app'), and an image for the default icon.
Of course, this will need a broswer that supports local storage, I have tested it with Opera, FireFox, Safari, and Chrome. It should mostly work on an ipad but there is no touch support yet. I would be interested to hear about success with an ipad+keyboard/mouse.

This page uses several bits from other things. There are a couple of bits from the js1k comp in here, as well as also a thing from humble software

This is largely an experimental work. There's no fixed goal here. It may evolve in any number of directions. It is quite a dynamic system, for instance; when you click on apps, the action that occurs is managed by the App_Handler which is itself contained in the local store.